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How should I remove bats from my house?

Bat Removal

bat droppings

How can I remove bats from my home?

Bat removal is a difficult task and should be humanely performed by professionals. It is necessary that you do not block off the entrances to an attic before all the bats have been removed and their roosting area cleaned.

What about the mess bats leave behind?

Bat droppings pile up quickly and the smell is not pleasant, even if the guano is just in the attic. Bat guano will produce a rancid ammonia smell as it decomposes. If bat guano piles are high enough, they can cause sheetrock to rot and collapse. The excretions in bat toilets will drip through the attic floor, causing an unsanitary, disease-harboring, brown splotch on the ceilings in your home.

Do you provide clean-up services after removing the bats?

B&B Wildlife Removal Service handles all types of damage repair & prevention including clean-up of contaminated materials and replacement of insulation that has been soiled.

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How to get rid of Bats in Auburn Hills
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